rMonday, January 27th

Entree:   Chicken Parm sandwich $8.50
Soup: Chef’s choice soup

Tuesday,  January 28th

Entree: Chicken Philly sandwich $9.50
Soup:  Chef’s choice soup

Wednesday, January 29th

Entree: Red beans & rice $9.50
Soup: Chef’s choice soup

Thursday,  January 30th

Entree: Tinga Tostadas $10.50
Soup:  Chef’s choice

Friday, January 31st

Entree: Echo’s Famous Beer Battered Fish Fry! Delicious deep fried cod served with coleslaw and seasoned wedge fries
Soup: Clam Chowder

Saturday, February 1st

Entree: Open at 9am/ Kitchen  @ 10am
Soup: Chef’s choice soup

Sunday, February 2nd

Entree: Open at 10am/ Kitchen @ 11am
Soup: Chef’s choice soup